Welcome to Family Spirit Keepers

A sharing and growing space for the reflective, courageous and mindful family!

About Us

Family Spirit Keepers 

A space for the reflective, courageous and mindful family.

Imagine a place where you can meet like minded conscious parents, create deep bonds of trust and support, learn together about parenting, holistic health, self/directed learning and personal and family growth.  

Imagine that you can easily find the people in this place that live near you and create a community to support you in all those things - a tribe that shares your interests and values that you could also meet in person to celebrate, learn and grow with.


  • Have the platform to stay connected, organize events and share experiences with
  • Have access to other premium courses on homeschooling, communication, parenting and more.
  • And have a full rich and dedicated forum on all Spirit Keeping Topics to share experiences and seek support. 

Family Spirit Keepers offers all this and more!

Join Us

in creating a beautiful gathering space to grow, explore and support each other. 


The foundation is based on the following 4 pillars:

Connection - We all want support and belonging.   Family Spirit Keepers is for those who want to follow perhaps a more courageous path, those families that are independent thinking, knowledge seekers, who are holistic, family centered and long for or have deeply spiritual foundations.

Learning - No matter your educational philosophy, I believe that learning and living go hand in hand and a happy family learns symbiotically from and with each other in all areas.  FSK is a place to find ways to do this not only within your family but by building a community with shared beliefs….

Whether you homeschool or not, I believe that when families and groups come together to for learning, living, and communicating, having shared philosophies and experiences can create stronger communities.  That’s why at FSK there are groups and workshops available to facilitate this.  I want you to enjoy the larger community but have the freedom and means to create your own and find people whose beliefs, practices and needs echo your own and then begin to facilitate real life events, connection and help.

Fun and Safety - Spiritual reflection, learning and growing are all pretty serious stuff but I believe that the best way to do that is to strive for balance.  Learning and growth happen quickly and more easily when there is love, safety and joy.

Contribution - The whole is always greater than its parts and I, for one am hungry for your piece.  I know that through your reflections and wisdom I can gain, even when I disagree or am challenged by it.  I want to be able to add value to your life, give you things to wonder about and receive the same from you.

We are just beginning and the beauty truly comes with growing our community.  This is where we need your help.  Join us, look around and then if you think this might be of value to you and your friends, please share the link.

In Deep Gratitude

Thank you for joining us.  We are looking forward to communion with you all!  If you haven't found your community, Let's build it together!

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